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GGN Community Mock Draft Sign Up Thread

Al Bello

It's that time of year again. This is the thread for GGN members to sign up for our community mock draft. Pick a team, and you will serve as general manager for that team in a two round mock draft. Before making your pick, make sure to do research on that team's needs and whether that player is good value and a fit for that team's system.

Teams will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. You can't pick the Jets.

Further instructions will follow in the next few days.

Bills - Jeff W

Dolphins - PhinPhan910

Patriots - Single73

Bengals - adrianNYJ

Browns - tinley24

Ravens - dawg1331

Steelers - NY-Snack-Exchange

Colts - ArunK

Jaguars - MachlinT

Texans - JetsNJ78

Titans - revis24fan

Broncos - dbbrowne

Chargers - jetstothesb

Chiefs - sportstank97

Raiders - Dr Football


Eagles - sp0rtsfan86

Giants - JetOrange


Bears - tklotsche

Lions - tyferraro

Packers - JetMet

Vikings - Boeing787

Buccaneers - oneg82

Falcons - greenandwhite4ever

Panthers - SuckDeezNets

Saints - Bob_The_Friendly_Baker

Cardinals - josh218

49ers - Maximilian Lawrence

Rams - spartan67

Seahawks -phildajet