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The GGN Offseason Plan Contest Finalists

Please cast your vote for the best offseason plan presented in the inaugural GGN Offseason Plan Contest


The First Annual Gang Green Nation Offseason Plan Contest is now in the books. We wish to thank all those who took the time and effort to engage in the complex and difficult task of thinking through an integrated plan for the 2013 Jets offseason, including salary cap management, trades, roster cuts and the draft. This stuff isn't easy, and perhaps it gives everyone who participated a bit of appreciation for how difficult John Idzik's job is. The judges went through each entry carefully, focusing on the trades, the cap, the draft picks, and the final rosters. All of the plans presented were fascinating to read and each had unique ideas on how best to improve the Jets. Everyone who participated should be commended for sticking their neck out and presenting their best ideas.

Before presenting the finalists, we would like to reach out to each reader and ask you how you think this contest could be improved next year. We have already received some feedback regarding adding rounds to the mock drafts, and this will certainly be considered next year. It also seemed as if the requirement to work through specific cap numbers may have deterred some from participating; if this was the case, we'd like to hear from you. Some also objected to the limit of just 1 draft picks trade -- was that a problem for many of you? Please let us know in your comments what you liked, but more importantly what you disliked about this contest. How can we make it better? What will encourage more of you to participate? Give us as much feedback as you can, and we will try our best to listen and make the necessary improvements next year.

And now, without further ado, we present the 3 finalists of the contest. The entire GGN community gets to vote on the ultimate winner. Polling will remain open through Sunday, March 31, 2013. Once the polls close the winner will be crowned and his winning plan will be featured on the front page of GGN. And the finalists, in no particular order, are....(drum roll please....) Broadway Jose, Maximilian Lawrence, and revis24fan. Please click on their names to evaluate each of their plans. Remember, vote early, vote often, and may the best plan win!