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Revis Trade Rumors: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Might Be Willing to Give Up 2014 First and Second Round Picks

Al Bello

Peter King reports the Jets might be able to land Tampa Bay's first two picks in the 2014 Draft for Darrelle Revis.

The Jets have a vexing problem with Darrelle Revis, but if GM John Idzik plays his cards right, he could at least partially save face for trading the franchise's best player by getting no less than first- and third-round draft choices from Tampa Bay for the problematic cornerback, a source close to the negotiations told

In fact, the source said, if the Jets are willing to take both picks in 2014, Tampa Bay would likely deal its first- and second-round picks for Revis, even though the Bucs are not sold that he can come back and be 100 percent after 2012 knee surgery.

This is not equal value for Revis, but a first and a second round pick would be a tremendous haul for John Idzik when you consider Revis' demands, his injury, and the owner likely ordering a trade.

At the same time, Idzik does have leverage. He has the best cornerback in the league. A healthy Revis might be the only cornerback in the league who can take away half the field. The Buccaneers had a horrendous pass defense last year, and none of their fallback plans will improve their defense anything like Revis will. They might be the only team interested today, but if the Jets ever put Revis on the block, there are sure to be other teams interested.

What we have here are teams battling for leverage. So far in this invisible war, the Jets seem to be winning in a rout. The Jets haven't gotten a package they've liked so far, but they aren't rushing into a trade. Revis' people and some in the media have tried to bully them into doing so, but John Idzik seems to be willing to wait for the right package to come forward. Every day, there seems to be a new article leaking about how badly the Bucs want Revis and an increase in what they are willing to pay.

This is a dangerous game, and the Jets don't have an ideal hand. So far they have played it very well, however.