The Two Year Plan

Dear Jets Fans,

For this exercise you may refer to me as John Idzik, the new GM for the New York Jets. I'm excited to be here. I've got a plan that will make the Jets contenders for a very long time. I know things are looking down right now, but bare with me. I will get the Jets out of this hole. In a few years, the Jets will be a force to be reckoned with. They will instill fear into every opponent they play. This is a team that you will be proud of. I promise you. You may be very pessimistic about this team's future. But you shouldn't be. I'll tell you why: I've got a Two Year Plan. From this point forward, these are the moves I hope to make to add the talent necessary for the Jets to compete again:

1) Trade Antonio Cromartie, 2014 4th Round Pick for 2014 1st Round Pick

In my opinion, this trade makes all too much sense. This trade happens in the summer once I can make an educated decision that Darrelle Revis will indeed come back 100% healthy. Guys, I'm not going to trade a healthy Darrelle Revis. I'm not trading one of the best Cornerbacks of all time unless a team gives up the farm for him. Barring that, I will resign Revis to a deal that will ensure he retires as a Jet. I will trade Cromartie and our 2014 4th Round Pick in exchange for a team's 2014 1st Round Pick. The Bucs need secondary help? They can have Cromartie in that kind of package. Cromartie's stock is higher than it ever will be, after his 2012 performance. Yet, I think the Jets can withstand the loss of him, especially with the return of a healthy Revis, which leads me to my next point.

2) Sign Darrelle Revis (if healthy)

Once Revis' health improves, and I can decide whether or not he can recover fully from the injury, I will talk with his agents. I expect to come to terms with them on a deal that resembles 6 years for an average of 12-13 mil. I think that this is a reasonable compromise for both sides.

3) Sign Elvis Dumervil

I'm going to wait until Dumervil realizes that he will most likely not get a contract worth $8 million per year. That is when we will strike, and sign Dumervil to a 4 year contract averaging $6 million per year. I will structure the contract in a way that will minimize the cap this year, while taking a larger cap hit next year, when we can afford it. Dumervil will help provide a pass rush from the OLB position.

4) Sign Dawan Landry

We just let his brother Laron go to the Colts, and now it's time to sign him. We sign him to a 1 year contract worth about $3 million. This will provide us with a proven vet while we allow our young safeties develop.

5) 2013 Draft:

1st Round Pick: Cordarrelle Patterson (WR)- This guy can straight up play. He's lethal after the catch, and has some good height on him at 6'3". This offense is lacking weapons, and I think that this guy is going to be dominant in the NFL.

2nd Round Pick: Zach Ertz (TE)- at 6'6", Ertz will be able to provide some much needed height at the TE position. It should make the QB's life easier, as he will have a big body to throw to in the middle of the field. This should help lessen the blow of the loss of Dustin Keller.

3rd Round Pick: Terron Armstead (OT)- I think we should be able to pick this guy up in the 3rd round. He set the record for fastest 40 yard dash by an offensive lineman, and he has good size at 6'5", 306. I think that he can eventually take over Austin Howard's spot on the line, if not right away.

4th Round Pick: Terrence Brown (CB)- This is where draft a CB to develop into Cromartie's possible predecessor. He's got good height at 6'1", which should help defend some taller targets that the Jets may have to defend.

5th Round Pick: Bacarri Rambo (FS)- I am drafting this guy on his last name alone. As a defense, we want to instill fear into our opponents. If Rambo's name doesn't instill fear, than I don't know what will.

6th Round Pick: Omoregie Uzzie (OG)- This pick should help address the need for depth at OG. Hopefully he will be able to develop into a solid starter for the Jets.

7th Round Pick: Miguel Maysonet (RB)- Here is a guy who is a local Long Islander, growing up there, and then playing at Stony Brook. He is arguably the best running back that Stony Brook has ever had, and had a very dominant year this year. He is a developmental pick for sure, but I think that he has potential to succeed in this league. If he does, it will help our running game out greatly.

Next Year: We drop Holmes, who has been a cancer, and has taken up a lot of cap space. It's difficult to determine what the free agent market will look like next year, so I won't even think about that, until it works itself out. The same goes with the draft, as many players may drop or fall within the next year. However, in my opinion, there are two can't-miss prospects that I am preparing to draft next year, which I have started to prepare for already, hence the "Two Year Plan". For this, lets assume that the Jets, rebuiding this year, without a viable QB, have a Top 5 pick. Lets also assume that the Bucs have a top 15 pick, due to their more difficult schedule. Here is what I do plan on for next year, which will show you why I wanted to trade Cromartie.

6) Important 2014 Draft Picks:

Jets' Top 5 Pick: Johnny Manziel A.K.A. Johnny Football (QB)-

Winning the Heisman as a freshman is no small feat. He is a dominant player, who can both run and pass. In the era of emerging running QBs, Johnny Football may be the best to emerge. I think he has the potential to be better than RGIII, Kaepernick, Newton, Wilson etc. He would be a force to be reckoned with. He is the franchise QB that we need to turn this team around.

Bucs' Top 15 Pick: Jadeveon Clowney (DE)-

This guy is an absolute beast. Stud. Maniac. Insane. Freak. Whatever you want to call him. You make this happen. He will terrorize QBs for years to come. In a draft that is star studded at the top, I plan to take the league by storm.

How will this happen? You trade the farm for this guy. We trade the first round pick that we received from the Bucs, along with our 2014 2nd round pick, 2014 4th round pick, and our 2015 1st round pick. This should be enough to trade up for this guy. Using the RG3 trade as a reference (3 first round picks and a 2nd), I think that this trade can be done for less (2 first round picks, a 2nd and a 4th) because at this point the top two QBs may already be off the board.

At the end of my Two Year Plan, the starting lineup could look like this:


QB: Johnny Football

RB: Mike Goodson

FB: Lex Hilliard

WR: Cordarrelle Patterson (Has a year of development under his belt),

Stephen Hill (Should hopefully have developed by now although coming into the NFL extremely raw),

Jeremy Kerley

TE: Zach Ertz

OL: D' Brickashaw Ferguson, Matt Slauson, Nick Mangold, Omoregie Uzzie, Terron Armstead

Defense (4-3)-

DL: Jadeveon Clowney, Muhammad Wilkerson, Kendrick Ellis, Quinton Coples

LBs: Demario Davis, David Harris, Elvis Dumervil

CBs: Darrelle Revis, Kyle Wilson, Terrence Brown

FS: Bacarri Rambo

SS: Josh Bush/ Antonio Allen

This lineup is not set in stone, as the team will undoubtedly be improved with my 2014 free agency moves. We could improve upon the safety position and the O-line in particular in free agency. However, I think this lineup provides us a great foundation to compete for a very long time.

So that's it folks. That's my Two Year Plan as of right now. I hope you agree, and I hope to bring you a Super Bowl as soon as possible.


John Idzik

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