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New York Jets Rumors: Bucs Would Offer Revis $12-13 Million Per Year

Chris McGrath

Manish Mehta reports the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would offer Darrelle Revis an annual salary of $12-13 million per year if they traded for him.

Revis is expected to get an average annual salary of $12 million-$13 million from the Buccaneers in a long-term deal if a trade can be consummated, according to sources.

Revis' representation is known to drive a hard bargain. Some reports have indicated he is seeking Mario Williams money, which is around $16 million per year so it is unclear whether this would get it done. One of the hurdles of a Revis trade is a contract will need to get done with a player known as notoriously difficult to negotiate with.

Annual salary is important, but the guarantees of a contract are going to be just as important if not more.

If Revis was willing to accept such a deal, however, the Jets would have a lot to answer for. That seems pretty reasonable.