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New York Jets Rumors: Brandon Moore Visiting Miami Dolphins

Jeff Zelevansky

Mike Garafolo reports guard Brandon Moore is visiting with the Dolphins today.

Former Jets OG Brandon Moore is visiting the Dolphins today.

I am still not quite sure what to make of the Jets' lack of interest in retaining Moore. He's exactly the kind of player the Jets should attempt to lock up. He might be getting old, but guards tend to age well. Moore is still playing at a high level. The signing of Willie Colon does not really solidify the guard position since he gives the Jets just one starter at the position. Colon also really cannot be counted on to play for a full season.

Unlike Dustin Keller, Moore going to Miami would be a hit, both weakening the Jets and strengthening the Dolphins. If Moore is to go elsewhere, I am hoping it is with an NFC team where the Jets will not see him very often.