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2013 NCAA Tournament: Play Against Famous Jets


Jake Steinberg of The Jets Blog has set up a bracket pool which will allow you to compete against other Jets fans and some pretty big names including:

WR Wayne Chrebet
RB John Griffin
LB Ricky Sapp
DT Damon Harrison
DB Eric Crocker
LB Nick Bellore
QB Greg McElroy
DE Claude Davis
CB Ellis Lankster

This is your chance to show you know more about college basketball than any Jets fan and several current and former Jets. So far over 800 have joined the group. So if you win, you really know your stuff. That or just as likely, you are really good at guessing. It feels like every year the pool I am in is won by somebody who doesn't follow college hoops. You have until Thursday at Noon Eastern Time to sign up and compete.

I still haven't filled out my bracket yet. What does your Final Four look like?