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Rex Ryan To Call Defensive Plays in 2013

Head Coach Rex Ryan will focus on the defense.

Al Bello

According to Manish Mehta, Rex Ryan will call the defensive plays for the New York Jets in 2013. This isn't a particularly surprising development, as new defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman doesn't have any experience calling plays.

I think it's interesting that Ryan has been delegating more and more responsibilities to Mike Pettine as the defense has slipped slightly in the rankings from #1 to #8. I was under the impression that Rex did not make any calls anymore, however Mehta states that he was calling the third down plays. I expect the defense to be more aggressive and blitz-happy, as it was in 2009, which would fit in with the "aggressive" mindset that Rex said he wanted from the team.

This also leaves the offense in the hands of new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Rex will be forced to leave significant authority to Mornhinweg to run the offense, which most would agree is a good thing. It's interesting, that early on in Rex's tenure, people seemed to him to focus less on the defense and more on "being a head coach." Now, people generally don't seem to trust him with the offense and wants him to stick to defense.

I suspect this will be a good move for all. I'm excited to see what Mornhinweg has in store on offense, and Rex's defenses are always exciting. What do you think?