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Garrett McIntyre: Stay or Go?

Joe Sargent

Garrett McIntyre got a surprising amount of playing time this year. The former Arena League and CFL player got 4 starts and played 26 defensive snaps per game. McIntyre was no impact player. He was solid against the run, played some on special teams, and had a good motor, which allowed him to collect 3.5 sacks.

The case for McIntyre returning is as follows. He is a cheap player who picked up experience. The Jets have a dearth of bodies under contract. McIntyre knows the system and can help teach young players the playbook. His experience playing in minor leagues show how much he loves the game. He would be a good influence on young players showing them how to work.

The case against McIntyre returning is as follows. At 28 years old he has very limited upside. His spot might better go taking a chance on a young developmental player.

This is probably not going to be a consequential decision. I tend to lean more to the argument against bringing McIntyre back. There is no way he is a prominent player in this team's future plans. The Jets have a limited number of spots to bring people to camp. As many as possible should be given to young players as the team hopes to hit the lottery.

What do you think?