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Scouting The 2013 NFL Draft: Jamie Collins, DE/OLB - Southern Miss

We continue to look at some of the top prospects for the 2013 NFL draft, heading back over to the defensive side of the football.



The more I look at this years draft class and the Jets current roster, the more I want to go offense early. Looking at the receivers, the guards, the running backs and if things fall into our lap, Geno Smith as the QB. So that means that if we will need to find our OLB pass rushers a little later on. We have the luxury of picking early in each round, so saying that someone like Jamie Collins in the 3rd round is not a reach at our selection as it is with the Ravens selection.

Jamie Collins is one of the most underrated prospects in this years draft class for my money, starting his career as a defensive back, he has really moved around on the Southern Miss defense, playing from the 2 point and 3 point stance, on the left and right side of the formation - as a outside linebacker, or the bandit position. He's rushed the passer and he's dropped back into coverage, his early career as a defensive back have made him develop into a true three down linebacker.


Height: 6'3

Weight: 250lb's

Arms: 33' 3/4"

Hands: 9' 3/4"

40 Yard Dash: 4.64 (Top performer)

Bench Press: 19 reps

Vertical: 41.5" (Top performer)

Broad: 139" (Top Performer)

3 Code Drill: 7.10 seconds (Top Performer)

20 Shuttle: 4.32 seconds

60 Shuttle: 11.55 seconds (Top Performer)


Year Tackles Tackles For A Loss Sacks Forced Fumbles Pass Break Ups
2012 92 20 10 4 5
2011 98 19.5 6.5 1 8
2010 76 2.5 2.5 1 2
2009 47 3.0 2.0 1 0


Over the last two seasons, Collins production has been very good. 39.5 tackles for loss and 16.5 sacks is credible, even if he doesn't play in the best conference. Also improve in 2012 in getting his hands involved to jar the ball loose. He has a good build and has filled out at 250 very well, long arms and big hands - exceptional speed for the position and his size. Displays good balance and knows how to use leverage. Is very comfortable dropping back into coverage, dips his hips well and shows good fluidity. Good initial burst off the snap and chases down from the backside very quickly, excellent closing speed. Has very good tackling ability with his long arms, sifts through traffic well to get to the ball carrier. Has excellent agility and although he has put on the lb's following his move from defensive back to linebacker, he hasn't lost any of that athletic ability. One thing I really like about Jamie is his football IQ, he gets his hands up into passing lanes when he knows he won't get to the QB. As i mentioned in the introductory portion of this article, his ability to be a 3 down backer has me intrigued. Southern Miss produced Adalius Thomas, and I think Collins has the potential to be a very good starter in the NFL.


Is still growing into his frame and will need to continue to add a little muscle to his upper body which is very lean at the moment. Must use his hands more to disengage from lineman in the NFL, although he shows the ability to be explosive off the snap, is highly inconsistent and motor has been questioned. Will need to be more stout against the run but I think that will come with some extra weight added to his frame. Definitely more suited to be a 3-4 OLB than a 4-3 DE. Needs to maintain the effort every single snap, also didn't play against the best competition in conference USA.


I really like Collins as a pro prospect, he has the make-up to be a three down backer. I like his length and his speed, his ability to go out and cover or rush the passer. He moves down the line well. If he did what he did at Southern Miss at LSU, he's being talked about as a first round prospect. The whole point is, did he do what he did because he was at Southern Miss and not facing the best competition. For a team devoid of talent at the OLB, if you want to go elsewhere in the first couple of rounds, having the ability to nab Collins at the very top of the 3rd is an option.

Would i draft him for the New York Jets

Like I said earlier, I'm leaning more towards the guards, receivers and running backs in the first couple of rounds, so if we did go that way and Collins was on the board when we came to select in the third round, then I would absolutely consider him an option. I think he brings a lot to a defense and we need a pass rusher who can also cover in space. 39.5 tackles for loss and 16.5 sacks in two seasons - he has the talent and production.

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