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Keyshawn's Message to Jets: Trade Revis

Former Jets receiver Keyshawn Johnson advises the Jets that it's in their best interest to trade their star corner back.


Bob Glauber of Newsday managed to catch up with former Jet Keyshawn Johnson recently, and his message to the Jets was as clear as they come:

"I think it's a smart move if they do move him and get value," the former Jets receiver said. "He's not going to win any games for you. He's a defensive back who will shut down the [opponents'] top receiver, but the ball is not in his hands. The Jets need more than a top corner. They need some pieces. If he gives them the value to get those pieces, then move him."

I think for the first time, I actually agree with Keyshawn. I know I am in the vast minority when I say I think it's in the Jets best interest long term to trade Revis and get as much as possible back. Considering his deal will expire after this year, we can't franchise him and he wants to be paid Mario Williams money. He's coming off a serious injury, I understand the logic of waiting, seeing if he is his old self then selling him for more value - but that's also a risk, if he's not who he once was, his value decreases. We won't contend in 2013 and personally I think, with as many holes as we have, we won't contend in 2014 either.

Keyshawn continued:

"It's not that the Jets don't want him," said Johnson, now an ESPN analyst. "It's the right thing to do to build the team. He's the top corner. He's the guy. But [the Jets] need a quarterback, running back, wide receivers, other defensive backs. [A trade] gives them that opportunity to fill some of those holes. If they keep Revis, what else do they have? Not much. They're in a division against the Patriots, and other teams in the AFC are improving."

With every trade, the price has to be right. If a team comes to me with a first round pick, a 2nd round pick and a conditional pick for 2014 that could rise to a 2nd or 1st round selection. Then I'm taking it, Revis and his contract have been a distraction for nearly 3 years now, and while I appreciate that he is our best player - it's a team sport, and we have a lot of bad to average players on this football team, having one elite player doesn't make up for that - unless that elite player is a Quarterback. I know we get attached to players, but as far as I'm concerned cashing in on Revis now is the best thing for the Jets long term.

Keyshawn also had a note for Sanchez:

"It's a bad football team, and the quarterback doesn't know if he's coming or going," Johnson said of Sanchez. "One minute, he wants to be Hollywood. The next, he wants to be a quarterback. Can't do both, son."

It's just a reminder that we are a long way away from contending for a Championship, we're the furthest away we've ever been under Rex Ryan, I know draft picks don't always work out and in this game there is a risk with every strategy.