Old Faces - Potential Jet: John Abraham

DE/LB hybrid John Abraham has been cut by the Atlanta Falcons.

Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) Weight: 266 lb (121 kg)

Tackles 508
Quarterback sacks 122.0
Forced fumbles 44
Interceptions 1

Abraham, 34, is a 4x pro bowler, member of the 100 sack club, and has been a consistently dominant force for the Atlanta Falcons. Skip on over to The Falcoholic and you'll see a general sense of disappointment that Abraham had to be trimmed from the team. The reason is of course the salary cap. Cutting Abraham saves the Falcons $5.75 million.

If the name sounds familiar, it is because Abraham was the 13th pick of the New York Jets in the 2000 draft. In his rookie season he played only 6 games amassing 12 tackles and 4.5 sacks. The next two years he went to the Pro Bowl twice. However, Abraham gained the reputation for being a bit of a pansy, most notably missing 2 - 3 playoff games in 5 years. In 2006 he was traded to the Atlanta Falcons for their 1st round pick.

Given Abraham's age, it is questionable if he will continue to be the dominant edge rushing force that endeared him in the hearts of the Falcons. At 34, wear and tear will take effect and he will likely be looking for one last big pay day. If however, the price is right, I would jump at the chance of adding him to the roster. He would be an invaluable mentor for our young D-Line and probably has enough gas in the tank to be a steady contributor for 3 years.

Atlanta Falcons John Abraham - The "Predator" (via MrTonesetter)

Is it likely? Probably not. But I think the Jet's would be remiss if they didn't at least send some feelers out. A 4 year, incentive based contract for 16 million would be about the limit for me. What do you guys think?

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