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Buccaneers Getting Tired of Dealing With Jets Over Darrelle Revis?


Brian Costello has an article that says the Buccaneers are getting annoyed with the Jets over Darrelle Revis negotiations.

The Buccaneers are losing patience with the Jets, according to league sources, over the teams’ inability to strike a deal for the All-Pro cornerback. The Buccaneers have told people around the league they may have to look at other options at cornerback soon if they can’t make a deal for Revis.

“It’s amazing,” a league source said. “The Jets are going to screw this up.”

Pardon my skepticism on this, but it sounds like the Bucs are trying to plant this idea because they aren't happy the Jets aren't moving on the Tampa Bay schedule. All kinds of stories have been coming out the past few days about how they are considering giving the 13th pick in the Draft for Revis, the owner really wants Revis, and how the team doesn't like the free agent corners available. These stories make them lose leverage. Now this story conveniently drops. This isn't a criticism of Costello. He's just doing his job and telling us what he hears. I'm just wondering about the motivation of the leaker.

It sounds to me like the Bucs are frustrated that John Idzik isn't going to rush into a bad trade just to get Revis off the team. It's foolish to think Tampa Bay is the slam dunk destination for Revis. Frequently in situations like these, there is a team from off the radar that comes in, quietly negotiates, and pulls off the deal at the last minute. Maybe that's what the Bucs are afraid of. Maybe they're just frustrated that Idzik is forcing them to give more than they want.

At any rate, this thing could go on for a bit. It's interesting to see the war for leverage taking place in the media.