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New York Jets Salary Cap Update

How is the team doing so far with a limited budget?


As the New York Jets are currently buzzing about with a very limited budget due to salary cap restrictions, I think it's appropriate to give periodical updates on how the team is doing spending its money.

Total Salary Cap $123,900,000
Current Cap Number $109,723,383
Rookie Wage Pool Cap Hit $2,302,020
In-Season Transactions ~$2,000,000
Unused Cap Space $9,874,597

Here is some information on the 2013 cap hits of the new acquisitions via free agency.

Antwan Barnes $1,050,000
David Garrard $1,100,000
Willie Colon $1,200,000
Mike Goodson $1,641,666
Antonio Garay Numbers Unavailable

Although Garay's numbers were unavailable, it should be in line with the other players, which is to say a bit more than $1,000,000. Consider this. Thus far, John Idzik has signed five free agents for a total of approximately $6,000,000 or so. Of those players, assuming they're healthy, all five are potential starters. And there's still a lot of free agency left.