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The Jets Sign OLB Antwan Barnes

The New York Jets have signed a new pass rushing outside linebacker.


Last week, Antwan Barnes visited the New York Jets and reportedly left without an offer. Now, it is being tweeted by Barnes that he was just signed by the team (also note that, again, the beat reporters were in the dark). I've stated my enthusiasm for Barnes multiple times.

Barnes has been pretty enthusiastic about the Jets on Twitter, stating that he wanted to get a deal done with the team. The terms of the contract have not been released yet, but John Idzik was apparently interested at approximately $2M/year.

Barnes has played for Rex Ryan before so there is some familiarity there. He has primarily been a situational pass-rusher, but like our other signings, he is low-risk, high-reward type player with upside (Barnes has fourteen sacks the past two seasons in limited time). Looking at some analysts on Twitter, there seems to be nearly universal praise for the move. Idzik continues to roll through the offseason in search of good value. Right now, I'm pretty pleased with how our free agency is progressing. Now, I'd like to see Idzik pursue Victor Butler.

Update: It looks like Barnes may have jumped the gun:

Update 2: Barnes has officially been signed to the Jets. Looking at the numbers listed below, and holy cow, did Idzik get a steal! The team was rumored to be looking for $2M/year. Instead, they were able to get him for significantly less than that, for a three year deal. Great job, Johnny Rocket!