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Report: Jets schedule draft workouts with Gardner & Bell

It is reported that the Jets will work out WR Courtney Gardner and CB Justin Bell

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It is being reported that the Jets have scheduled workouts with two small school prospects, with an eye to the later round talent in this years draft.

The first prospect is Sierra College wide receiver Courtney Gardner, a 6-3, 215lb prospect who runs the 100 meters in 10.7 flat. I watch a lot of college football, but I can't say as I've ever seen a Sierra College game. As far as I can tell however, the only reason that Gardner is not at LSU or Oklahoma or another powerhouse who were recruiting him from JUCO, is down to his performance in the class room. Academically ineligible Gardner decided to declare for the draft instead of work towards getting a spot on the Sooners team. By all accounts he is big, fast and very physical, a player who has refined his route running skills do. However he has two arrests on his record, one for being in a car that had the odor of Marijuana and alcohol (obstruction charge) and then a later one for possessing alcohol as a minor.

So the problems are not with his physical ability, but more with his mental make-up and if he has the dedication, intelligence and discipline to succeed at the next level.

The other prospect is Eastern Kentucky's CB Justin Bell. a 5-10, 176lb corner back - he was limited in 2012 due to injury but has 6 career interceptions.