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Idzik's Style

Generally, how does General Manager John Idzik generally manage?


When John Idzik came to the New York Jets, almost nobody knew anything about him or how he'd manage the team. We still don't know all that much, although we'll have a clearer picture after the 2013 NFL Draft. Here's what we can start to pick up about Idzik's style of general managing:

I've seen a few people comment that Idzik seems to have a "Moneyball Mentality." I think that's an interesting way of phrasing it. In some ways, it's accurate. He seems to be looking for the low-cost, high-reward type players that have been overlooked for a variety of reasons. He's been patient and measured, looking for a good deal. Idzik's been able to let players leave that are being overpaid by other teams (Mike DeVito, Shonn Greene, LaRon Landry) without getting into a bidding war and over-extending the team.

It will be interesting to see how Idzik operates in the draft and next year when he has significantly more salary cap space. Right now, we have one data point of information on Idzik. He doesn't have any other way to operate than how he's doing it now due to the cap restrictions; this is all he can do, practically speaking. Is that his preferred method? Who knows. A second data point of the draft and another of next year's free agency, and we'll begin to see a trend line.

If the salary cap remains the same, $123M, we'll have roughly $38M to work with in 2014. Cut Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, and David Harris, and we have $60M of space (the numbers are a little rough right now due to the fluctuating state of the cap via restructures, signings, etc.). All of this just goes to show, that in two years, the Jets could be out of the dumpster and riding high. Two good drafts, and the team will be in great shape for 2014.

I know I'm excited to see what Idzik has in store.