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A Note On The Media Blackout

Has John Idzik finally banished the leaks and anonymous sources?

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Something we've discussed briefly is how the media seems to be, generally speaking, blacked out of what's happening at Florham Park. Starting with the search for a new general manager, and continuing on to free agency, there seems to be little knowledge of what the New York Jets are up to coming from the media. Unlike last season, when "anonymous sources" and leaks ruled the day and gave us every insight into the team's activities, several events have snuck up on the media.

Willie Colon, Antonio Garay, Nick Folk. The media hasn't appeared to have any indication that any of these signings were imminent, and they came out of the blue. Many members of the media are insisting the Jets are interested in Kevin Kolb, but don't appear to have any actual insight other than the observation that Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg likes Kolb and once coached him. The team itself isn't giving up any information that Kolb is a path they're actually interested in pursuing.

This sort of blackout-style scenario that's unfolding is a big change from last season, for the reasons I stated. The Jets have locked up the leaks and the conflicting reports on Darrelle Revis, for one, is an indication of that. The media is left to grasp at what little straws there are, and to blow them out of proportion just to get a story or some type of "exclusive."

If you read the beat reporters on Twitter, they seem to be focusing on their opinions and what they think the team should do, because they really don't have much insight anymore into what the team is actually doing.

This may change as we get closer to the season. But if it's a status that will remain true throughout the John Idzik Era, then sign me up. I don't need to have all the information before it happens. Like fans of the New York Giants, New England Patriots, and Green Bay Packers (among other teams), I'll trade inside information for wins, if that's the bargain.