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The Jets Re-Sign Nick Folk

The Folk hero will make a glorious return.

This was totally awesome (AFC Wild Card Game, NYJ @ IND).
This was totally awesome (AFC Wild Card Game, NYJ @ IND).
Andy Lyons

I am not the best person to write this article. I am incredibly biased in favor of Nick Folk, so I love the fact that the team has re-signed him. The terms of the contract have not been released yet, but I think Folk gets a bad rap. Folk has been somewhat streaky during his tenure with the team, but I will never forget his game-winning kicks against the Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, and the Miami Dolphins.

Remember when Folk went five-for-five against the Minnesota Vikings, and is really the major reason we won that game? Yeah, that was awesome. His stats are were also slightly stunted this past season because the entire special teams collapsed, which led to numerous blocked field goals that he shouldn't be blamed for.

We'll have more information once the terms of the contract are released, but I still proudly remain a member of the Nick Folk Fan Club.