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DW's Mock Draft 2.0 - 7 Round Jets selections

I've had a little time to think about my last mock, and also more time to watch some games involving some of the prospects. After doing so I have changed nearly every single selection, also taking into consideration our FA moves so far this off-season.

Streeter Lecka

Round 1 selection: Dion Jordan, OLB - Oregon

One of the most athletically gifted athletes in the draft, it's very possible that he will still be there when we come to select. News regarding his shoulder surgery has been positive, he absolutely blew up the combine with every aspect of the test, top performing in 3 of the 5 events and looking good throughout. He would being a tall, long frame that has th speed and short area quickness to drop into coverage and the explosive nature to get into the Quarterbacks face. For me he is the best all around linebacker at the outside position in this draft. He loves a little contact as well and unlike some rushers, he doesn't get tangled up with lineman and he knows how to disengage and either get after the ball carrier or get after the quarterback


Round 2 selection: Matt Elam, S - Florida

I've spent the last two weeks really focusing in on safeties, and in that time I managed to watch four full Florida games from 2012, every single one I came away with the same impression of Matt Elam, a great hitter, an exceptional open field tackler and completely underrated as a cover safety. He is a play-maker which shows with his 11 tackles for loss, 4 interceptions and 2 sacks in 2012. He does love playing up at the line because his instincts for tackles are off the charts, but when he does drop into coverage he is accomplished doing it. If we can grab a safety that can hit like a ton of bricks, put some pressure on QB's, intimidate anyone coming over the middle and make some plays in center field, then we need to do it. I think he would be a great addition to what looks to be quite a weak safety group at the moment


Round 3 selection: Christine Michael, RB - Texas A&M

We had a little feature on Michael a little while ago after the Jets scheduled a private workout with him. We have just signed Mike Goodson, but that shouldn't prevent us from looking to bolster the position in the draft. I've been a big fan of Christine for a while now, because I like his balanced game. He runs low to the ground and shows good power through the lower and upper bodies to break tackles. However he is also a patient back who makes the right cuts at the line and shows good open field speed for a back that is 220lb's. He's not a polished back, if he were he would be going in the 1st or 2nd round but he has a lot of talent and if given a year or two to develop could become an every down back in the NFL. Cut blocks well and always willing to mix it up in pass protection, must show an ability to catch out of the backfield though. All in all, I think he represents really good value


Round 4 selection: Joseph Fauria, TE- UCLA

6'7, 260lb's, 46 receptions and 12 touchdowns in his final year at UCLA. Fauria is a big guy with a lot of potential. He really stood out for me this year, mainly because he has improved his blocking and he has continued to be a red zone target. He gets off the snap well, and although he doesn't have exceptional speed, he gets in and out of his breaks and gets separation on double moves. He is just a nightmare to cover in the redzone because he has good hands, his height makes it near impossible to out jump him for the ball and he is an intelligent football player who knows how to use his body to box defenders out. He has work to do, his in-line blocking does need to be refined. However with us losing Keller to the Dolphins, Cumberland struggles to stay healthy and Smith is a complete unknown, i like taking a chance on a red zone target like Fauria


Round 5 selection: Omoregie Uzzi, OG, Georgia Tech

I know a few will be questioning leaving the line to this late in the draft, but i have for two reasons. One is that I really really really like the signing of Willie Colon, and I think if he does stay healthy that will improve our line to no end. The other is because I think that Uzzi represents the best value in this draft for our offensive system. Georgia Tech run a triple option offense, which means their lineman are usually more athletic than most, they have to get out in space and block. A west coast offense - athleticism at the guard position for pulls and drags and getting out in space is also very important. Uzzi is one of the most underrated guards in this draft, he has a low center of gravity, a fast release off the line, a sturdy base, plenty of strength, gets out to the 2nd level, although 300 lb's he is efficient mauling and has quick and agile feet in pass protection. I wanted to take Warmack, but for this offense I think this represents the very best value.

Round 6 selection: Dustin Hopkins, K - Florida State

Last year I suggested that it was well worth spending a 6th or 7th on a certain kicker, that guy was Blair Walsh - well that didn't go down well and I believed I was called foolish for spending a pick on a special teamer. Well Walsh just had a fantastic first year and so I'm back again this year to suggest we take another kicker. That guy is Dustin Hopkins. Again it's for similar reasons to Walsh, he has a good three step approach, with a big leg that forces many touchbacks. Has constantly show he can hit kicks of 50+ yards with a ceiling around the 58-60 range. He has a hangtime of over 4.0 seconds on kick-offs that allow coverage units to get down the field. His kicks are NFL caliber in terms of height, and his ability to get the ball up quickly and not line drive it - well that separates him from the rest. So I'm more than happy to take some heat for taking a kicker in the draft, but when he has a great year like Walsh did next year, we'll see if people start to change their minds


Round 7 selection: DeVonte Holloman, OLB - South Carolina

Holloman played the SPUR role at South Carolina, and he performed very well in 2012. He has violent hands, and very sound tackling ability with the chance to rip someones head off, he will. He did spend time at the safety position which means he can drop into coverage. He has the ability to play inside or outside make him versatile. Does have good acceleration off the snap and will often come on the blitz. Obviously he's a late round pick for a reason, he doesn't show a great deal of fluidity in the hips and his peddle is a little high. Is he too small to play linebacker but too big to play safety.