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New York Jets: Dustin Keller Signs With the Miami Dolphins

Marc Serota

The Jets have lost tight end Dustin Keller to the division rival Dolphins.

Though Keller was hoping for a larger contract, health concerns and an uncertain tight end market forced him to settle for a one-year deal.

The deal, per ESPN, is worth $4.25 million.

I have to question the Jets on this one. We all know how limited Keller is, but he's still better than anything the Jets have. This contract is the kind of moderate price the Jets could afford with no long term commitment. This new offense figures to feature the passing game more, and that would be a better fit for Dustin.

Keller is what he is. Every single year we hear in camp about how he is ready to break out. It never happens. His lapses in concentration and unwillingness to make tough catches in traffic limit how effective he is. So do his lack of effectiveness as a blocker and as a red zone threat.

At that price, the Jets should have been more involved.