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Mike Goodson Signing Approval Rating


Mike Goodson seems like a good value signing for the Jets. His salary averages out to around $2.3 million per year. In 160 career carries, he has averaged 4.5 per run. Pro Football Focus thinks highly of his elusiveness. Goodson scores well on their statistical elusive rating. He is also a good system fit. He is a speedy back who can receive out of the backfield.

Of the low priced free agents out there, I think the best ones to signs are the ones like Goodson who have flashed ability when given a chance but have been stuck behind others on the depth chart. Goodson certainly is not going to save 2013 by himself, but he could be a nice piece for the team to have going forward. This feels like a good deal for both sides. The Jets get something they need on offense, and Goodson finally gets playing time.

I approve of the Mike Goodson signing. Do you?