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Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: Jets Aren't Actively Shopping Revis

Karl Walter

Brian Costello has an interesting new report out that the Jets are not currently shopping Darrelle Revis on the trade market.

The Jets are not committed to trading Revis as has been reported, The Post has learned. According to a league source, the Jets are listening to trade offers, but not actively shopping the All-Pro cornerback and there is a thought within the organization that he could still be a member of the 2013 team.

The Jets have received several trade proposals, but none of them has been strong enough to motivate the Jets into making the move and the team does not think any trade is imminent. That is not to say a team couldn’t make an offer today that blows the Jets away, but that proposal had not been made as of last night.


There have been no negotiations between the Jets and Revis, according to several sources.

Trading Revis is going to be an enormously complicated process so I've been inclined to believe those saying it's going to take time. Cimini has consistently been saying the same thing also. I think the fact the Jets still haven't negotiated with Revis is a strong indication that a trade is eventually coming, but all of the injury and contract stuff could drag this thing out a bit.

You can appreciate why some people are saying the Jets should move quickly as teams may start looking to others sources for filling their cornerback needs. There is another angle here, though. If you wait until after the Draft, there is no chance every cornerback needy team will have filled a hole, and they will have virtually no options. The demand for a corner might be less, but the supply might have decreased even more. Teams are also probably going to be more likely to deal a high pick in 2014 than they would be inclined to deal a 2013 pick today.

That isn't to say the right move is to wait at all costs. It's that you don't move him if you don't have a satisfactory offer on the table.