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Revis Trade Rumors: Buccaneers Don't Want to Give Up 2013 First Round Pick

Jared Wickerham

Jason Cole reports there is a hang up in a potential deal between the Jets and the Buccaneers for Darrelle Revis.

The holdup, for now, is what the Jets are willing to accept in a trade. The Buccaneers don't want to relinquish their first-round pick in next month's NFL draft. Tampa Bay holds the No. 13 overall pick.

While the trade price for a star player was set this week with the Seattle Seahawks giving up first- and seventh-round picks this year and a third-round pick in 2014, the Bucs aren't willing to match that deal exactly, a team source said. The big difference is that Seattle's first-round pick this year was No. 25 overall, far less valuable than Tampa Bay's first selection.

The same Bucs source indicated Tampa Bay might be more willing to surrender its 2014 first-rounder, gambling that next year's selection won't be as high if the team improve

This is why I disagree with those saying the Jets need to move Revis as quickly as possible. Imagine not getting a first round pick for Revis. John Idzik should not rush into anything where he's going to get fleeced. Idzik's stance should be that the Seahawks gave up a lower pick for Harvin, but Revis is a better player. I understand the complexities that might make Harvin more desirable in a trade, but Idzik has a good product. He needs to maximize his return.

No matter what, it's unlikely the Jets will get equal value for Revis. There will probably be some kind of compromise here if a deal goes through. You don't just jump at the first offer on the table, though, if you think you can get better. The Jets clearly think they can do better.