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A Crazy Idea

What if the Jets could get the 1st and 2nd overall picks in the 2014 draft?


Well, it's silly season. The offseason is in full swing, and this year we Jets fans have little to get excited about as we watch the Jets lose player after player to free agency and not pick up anyone. So perhaps you will indulge me in exploring the possibility of a completely crazy idea. What if the Jets could obtain the first AND second overall picks in the 2014 draft?

Here's how it might work. The Jets #9 pick this year presents a bit of a problem, as it is possible all the top tier talent that best fits our needs will either be gone by then or will be better suited to a somewhat lower draft slot. Maybe the Jets can trade back and obtain more picks while still gaining a coveted player in the first round, maybe not. But what if we think a little outside the box? What if we consider trading the 2013 #9 for a 2014 pick? Specifically, the 2014 first round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Perhaps they would throw in an additional 2nd round pick in 2014 to compensate us for moving back a year.

The Jags are one of the few teams that are in even worse shape than the Jets. They have a new GM, a new Head Coach, a complete dearth of talent, a terrible QB, and are currently purging the roster of the few decent players left, clearing plenty of cap space. But they are not using any of that space. They haven't signed a single free agent yet. There is a very good chance the Jags go into the 2013 season with an even younger, less talented roster than the Jets. They seem to be all about rebuilding through the draft, but at some point they will need to start spending in order to satisfy the NFL's salary floor. Perhaps they are looking to accumulate draft picks in 2013, then spend in 2014 when their 2013 draft picks are more ready to really contribute. Pure speculation, I know, but one can dream. Now, if this is the case, they might be very interested in dealing their 2014 #1 for our 2013 #1.

Now, suppose the Jags and the Jets finish the 2014 season as the 2 worst teams in the NFL (hardly difficult to imagine). With that, the Jets would then become the only team in NFL history with the first 2 picks in the NFL draft. Even if we didn't finish in the last 2 slots, surely we would be close, close enough to perhaps make a trade up to snag the first 2 picks. Now suppose we end up trading Revis for a 2014 #1 and #3. Now we have 3 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 thirds in the 2014 draft. Package the 2 seconds for a 1st and we have 4 firsts and 2 thirds. That's an instant leap into contention if we play our cards right. With the #1 and #2 pick we can snag Jadeveon Clowney and whichever QB you like -- Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Football, Tajh Boyd, whoever. With the other 2 firsts we can grab a road grader tackle and and a big time defensive lineman, or a wide receiver. Add in maybe a safety and a running back with our 2 thirds, as well as another safety and maybe a tight end or guard with our 2013 second and third, and throw in maybe $20 million in FA spending in 2014 and we're looking at a dynamic makeover of the Jets into a team with a fearsome pass rush, a number of offensive playmakers, a very good secondary, and with some luck, a franchise QB. In short, potentially a Super Bowl contender for years to come.

The cost, of course, is substantial. The Jets lose their 2013 first round pick, and the Jets lose Revis. But Revis seems to be halfway out the door anyway, and it seems extremely unlikely the Jets could get the same value at #9 this year as Clowney or a franchise QB in 2014. The cost would also be a miserable 2013 season. But the way this off season is unfolding, that may already be inevitable. So, indulge the dream for just a second. If the Jets could make this happen, would you do it? Would you dare to dream that we just might get Clowney AND a franchise QB in 2014? What say you?