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Danny Amendola Signs With Patriots

Joe Robbins

The Patriots moved quickly to replace Wes Welker, signing Rams slot receiver Danny Amendola.

The New England Patriots moved quickly to replace Wes Welker, agreeing to terms with wide receiver Danny Amendola on a five-year contract Wednesday, league sources tell ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Amendola's deal is worth $31 million, including $10 million guaranteed.

Amendola is a worthy replacement for Welker and younger. It's still a bit surprising to see them give Amendola that kind of money when all Welker cost was $12 million over two years. We may never get the answer about why this happened. It seems a bit odd on the surface.

At any rate, Amendola's numbers are probably going to explode playing in that offense next year with Tom Brady throwing to him. If Amendola does not completely replace Welker, he goes a lot way towards doing so.