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NFL Free Agency Open Thread


Here is a new open thread to discuss the comings and goings in the NFL. The hot stove season is more than 24 hours old. As expected, the Jets have been quiet in free agency and lost a number of their own free agents. The signings with other teams range from hurtful to meh. All in all, however, it is difficult to not say at this very early hour that the Jets are not worse than they were at 4:00 yesterday. Things will certainly pick up a bit, but the Jets do not have many options and stand to lose more key free agents. It might be a good idea to look away these next few days.

A recap of the carnage so far.


Lex Hilliard-NYJ

David Garrard-MIA


Mike Devito-KC

Shonn Greene-TEN

Yeremiah Bell-AZ

Leave your free agency thoughts below as we keep on rolling to find out the players who will comprise the 2013 New York Jets roster.