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NFL Free Agency: Cardinals Sign Yeremiah Bell


The Jets lost a starting safety. Yeremiah Bell signed with the Arizona Cardinals.

The exodus from the Jets continued this afternoon as Yeremiah Bell came to terms with the Arizona Cardinals, according to the team.

Bell was always going to be the more reasonably priced of the two free agent safeties the Jets have. It is difficult to say how valuable Bell really was. With LaRon Landry covering so much ground, he didn't have to do a whole lot. Bell is weak in coverage but strong against the run. It was nice having a steady presence who wouldn't make terrible mistakes as the last line of defense. If you are not hearing about your safeties, sometimes it can be a good thing. When a safety blows a play, it can end up being a big one.

With Landry also likely gone, it is tough to tell where the Jets go from here. Do they go with a pair of late round second year players, Antonio Allen and Josh Bush?

Free agency is getting ugly for the Jets. This roster is losing a lot of the already marginal talent it had.