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Lex Hilliard Re-Signed For One Year Contract

The fullback will return for another season.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Fullback Lex Hilliard has agreed to re-sign with the New York Jets for a one-year deal. This isn't anything spectacular. The terms of the deal aren't out yet, but I assume it's close to the veteran's minimum, if not the minimum on the button.

Hilliard wasn't spectacular last year, but he wasn't godawful, at least in my opinion. I'll be interested to see how Marty Mornhinweg uses him in the new West Coast Offense. Hilliard hasn't had more than five catches in a year since 2009, when he had twenty under Dan Henning's Air Coryell system.

I'd prefer to see a player with more upside than Hilliard, but I'll trust that Mornhinweg knows what's he's doing until he proves otherwise.

What do you think about Hilliard re-signing?