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NFL Free Agency 2013: Shonn Greene Signs With Tennessee Titans

Jim McIsaac

Schefter reports Shonn Greene has signed with the Titans.

Titans reached agreement on a three-year, $10 million deal with former Jets RB Shonn Greene.

It is fair to say that Greene did not live up to expectations in New York. Despite the 1,000 yard seasons, he never developed into a consistent difference maker in the backfield. He showed that he will probably never be "the guy." His lack of vision left probably as many yards on the field as any back in the league. He's also a poor receiver, poor in pass protection, can't change direction, and hasn't shown a second gear in two years. Aside from that, he's an ideal back.

The Titans will probably pair him with Chris Johnson. As a change of pace kind of dude, somebody you slam between the tackles in limited carries to compliment a burner, he could be realtively effective so I get the signing on their end.