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Dustin Keller set to visit Miami Dolphins

Per ESPN's Adam Schefter

Jim McIsaac

Miami has made a fast start to free agency signing Mike Wallace and Dannell Ellerbe, now they are chasing FA TE Dustin Keller.

Miami has lost starting tight end Anthony Fasano to the Chiefs, so it is logical that they will be looking for a replacement. Keller was our most reliable pass catcher who has steadily improved as a blocker.

Unfortunately with as many holes as we had to fill, and the salary cap situation how it is - it looks like we may lose him, some had believed that we would franchise him, but the price seems to have been too steep.

Coming out of Purdue I believed Keller would become an elite pass catching force, and while he has shown flashes of this and he was the most reliable security blanket Sanchez had, he never quite made that leap forward. How much of that is down to Keller and how much is down to Sanchez?

He has 2876 yards in 5 years with the Jets, as well as 17 touchdowns. It would be hard to see him go, especially to a division rival - a small part of me thinks he will come back to haunt us many times as a Dolphin - if they show him the love and the money, I wouldn't be surprised if he signed.