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Mike Devito Agrees to Terms With Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Lyons

Mike Devito is now a former Jet. He agreed to a deal with the Chiefs.

The Chiefs have reached agreements with free agent tight end Anthony Fasano and defensive end Mike DeVito.

The influence of longtime former Jets assistant coach and new Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton probably played a big role.

It's tough to see Devito go, but his role was going to be reduced with all of the early picks the Jets have invested in the defensive line the last few years. It's a sad fact of life in the NFL that sometimes it makes sense to say goodbye to good players.

Chiefs fans will like Devito. He's one dimensional, but he's very good at that dimension, stopping the run. He also can play multiple spots along the line. As long as you don't expect him to do anything as a pass rusher, you will be happy with him.

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