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Jets Interested in Bringing Back Matt Slauson

Nick Laham

Brian Costello reports the Jets want to keep Matt Slauson but face competition.

Jets are interested in re-signing FA guard Matt Slauson, per source. He is also drawing interest from the Giants, Raiders and Cowboys.

Slauson might not be great, but he is a credible guard. The Jets have zero to one credible guards on their roster right now depending on what you think of Vladimir Ducasse. (I vote for zero.)

Normally you would think the incumbent team would have a bit of an edge, but the way the Jets conducted business last year could make the opposite true. For some reason, the Jets gave some of Slauson's playing time to Ducasse. They didn't think Ducasse was better. Slauson still got the majority of the snaps. Slauson might want to go to a team where he knows he will play full time. We will have to wait and see how this goes.