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New York Jets Rumors: Jets Interested in Drew Stanton?

Nick Laham

From the "you couldn't make this up" category, Jason LaCanfora says the Jets are among teams that have shown interest in free agent quarterback Drew Stanton.

Several teams focused on Drew Stanron now in the dwindling QB market. Jets, Dolphins and Falcons among those interested

You might remember Stanton was briefly a Jet last year. He was signed to be Mark Sanchez's backup. Then the team traded for Tim Tebow. Stanton was sent to the Colts in a trade for a late round pick.

After the way the Jets treated him last year, it would seem unlikely that Stanton would ever want to do business with them again. At the same time, however, the Jets would be the only shot he would have at getting playing time among the teams currently looking to sign him.

I would stay away. Stanton isn't very good. He might not even be better than Mark Sanchez.