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New York Jets: Mike Devito Will Hit the Market

Al Bello

Manish Mehta reports Mike Devito and the Jets will not reach a deal by the beginning of free agency.

Looks like Mike DeVito will hit the open market. Jets have made him a "priority," but there r plenty of other serious suitors, I'm told

Devito is a good player, and this will be the one chance he has to make a lot of money and set his family up for life. It would have been nice for the Jets to keep him, but Devito would have been a part-time rotational player. The Jets have used two straight first round picks on the defensive line to fortify it. Mike would have been nice to have around, but there are so many positions where there is no full-time starter that it is tough to spend a ton on a rotational guy.

It is difficult to imagine the Jets winning a bidding war with anybody given their lack of cap space so this could be the end of Mike Devito with the Jets.