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2013 NFL Free Agency Open Thread

Use this thread to discuss free agency.

Allison Joyce

At 4pm EST today, free agency will open and teams across the National Football League will be able to sign free agents. This thread will serve to allow everyone to discuss other team's signings.

I don't expect much initial movement by the New York Jets. They simply can't afford any of the big ticket free agents, so they'll likely wait for the initial buzz to settle. There's been interest in Chase Daniels, Brandon Gibson, Mohamed Massaquoi, Victor Butler, etc.

In addition, we could see the possible could-be impending trade of Darrelle Revis that may or may not happen soon or not for a while that could in fact have serious or not so serious ramifications depending on the compensation received. Yeah. The situation is as confusing as that sentence.

Who do you think is going to be signed by whom? Use this thread for news, predictions, whatever. Just don't break any of our Community Guidelines in the process.