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Darrelle Revis to Be Traded in Next Few Days?

Al Bello

Manish Mehta says the Jets are going to look to unload Darrelle Revis in the next few days.

Although Revis’ health complicates matters – he’s less than five months removed from ACL surgery – the best window to deal him is during free agency, which starts Tuesday at 4 p.m., before the already-select market for Revis dries up.

“I think (the Jets are) going to move Revis,” a source familiar with the situation told the News on Tuesday. “Bet it. If he isn’t traded by tomorrow, (general manager John) Idzik is an idiot. One buyer might dry out. He has to move him. The risk of keeping him kills the franchise for five years and Idzik is gone.”

This goes hand in hand with Florio's article from last night.

I would imagine the Jets have in mind the compensation they hope to get in return for Revis. I have no doubt if they could get that today, they would pull the trigger on a deal. That takes the risk out of a bad rehab lowering Revis' value. If the Jets are going to move Revis, it makes all the sense in the world for them to make a deal as soon as they get what they want.

My question is more about the speed with which other teams are going to move. Revis still has not been given permission to speak to other teams. Wouldn't it make sense for another team to want a contract in place before a trade is made, especially considering how notoriously difficult Revis' agents are to negotiate with? And that doesn't even touch on what happens if the team wants medical assurances from the Jets. Negotiating what the other team would have access to could be a long and arduous process.

I could be wrong, but I'd be pretty ticked at the Jets if they traded for a Revis type without a new contract in place or any kind of medical records. Maybe it will happen soon, but the team that makes that trade might not be operating from a smart position.