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Jets Free Agency: Sione Pouha Has Been Cut

The big man has been released.

Michael Heiman

According to Adam Schefter, Sione Pouha has been released. Pouha is a fan favorite, but he is aging and struggled with back injuries last year. Cutting him will save the team approximately $3.8 million in salary cap space.

We've discussed at length whether or not the team should do this, and I believe it's a good move. The timing is also important, because if the team waited until March 15th, his salary would have become guaranteed. Also, by cutting him now before free agency opens, the team will be in a position to hopefully lock up Mike DeVito right before the floodgates of FA opens as well.

That's what I suspect is about to happen next. With the release of Pouha, the team must be confident they can re-sign DeVito, and will do so shortly, before he enters the open market.

Let's just hope that Pouha's replacement, Kenrick Ellis, is ready to unleash the beast and prove that he's worthy to fill Pouha's massive shoes.