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Offer To Trade Darrelle Revis On The Table

Apparently, there is an offer on the table for the trade CB Darrelle Revis.

Allison Joyce

According to our old friend Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, there is an offer on the table to trade CB Darrelle Revis.

Per the source, the offer is a "good" one, both as to the compensation given to the team and the financial package that would be extended to Revis.

Right now, this means little to me. Who is offering what? Revis doesn't even know what's going on. As far as I'm concerned, right now, this is just someone, perhaps John Idzik himself, trying to create a market. Until we get a little more detail, it's really hard to take too much from this.

Assuming it is true, however, this is really interesting news. If it truly is a good offer, it will be hard to pass up. It's been reported that the New York Jets are looking for two first round picks. If they can get anything close to that, say a first, second, and a late rounder, or something along those lines, it may be hard to pass up that kind of deal for a team that's so desperate for starters.