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2013 NFL Draft: Jets Interested in Trading Down?


Kristian Dyer reports the Jets might look to move down from 9 in the NFL Draft.

“The Jets have been doing their due diligence on the pick and seem very open to moving out of No. 9,” a league source with knowledge of the situation told Metro. The source spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not allowed to comment on personnel situations. “There doesn’t seem to be anyone at that spot in the draft who can necessarily help them any more than later in the round. This isn’t a top-heavy draft, especially in the first round, but it is relatively deep. The Jets seem open to the idea of moving out.”

Obviously this is silly season so it is difficult to say whether this is a smokescreen designed to throw everybody off the scent of a player the Jets really like. If it is true, it also depends on how the board falls. There could be a player who falls that the Jets love and didn't expect to be available at 9.

In a general sense, though, this clearly makes all the sense in the world. The Jets need a ton of young, cheap talent so moving down to get extra picks is a sound thought in a vacuum.