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David Garrard Signing Approval Rating

Sam Greenwood

I am for the David Garrard signing.

I do not view Garrard as a savior. I do not view him as a great option. He just might be the best option out of many bad ones. He was one of the rare choices the Jets had who will both cost very little and has a record of playing the quarterback position in a competent way. At the very least, he will likely beat out Mark Sanchez if the quarterback competition is fair. Even if Garrard is a shell of his former self, he will be a much better option than Sanchez.

This is a stopgap move but one that at least allows you to imagine the Jets putting together a decent year. Maybe Rex Ryan can work magic with the defense, the offense can add a few pieces, and Garrard can play game manager, letting the Jets eek out some wins. I wouldn't put the odds of this at very high, but that at least beats another year of Sanchez killing the team week after week.