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Austin Howard Gets Second Round Tender


The Jets have given right tackle Austin Howard a second round tender per Manish Mehta.

Jets have given RT Austin Howard a second round tender, per source ($2M).

Howard is a restricted free agent. As a refresher, the tender means that Howard has a one year, $2 million contract offer from the Jets on the table. He is free to seek a higher contract from any team. If he agrees to a deal with a new team, the Jets will have the option to match that offer to retain Howard. If they choose not to match the offer, the Jets will get that team's second round pick as compensation.

This likely keeps Howard on the Jets in 2013. It is possible but seems unlikely that another team would want to part with a second round pick to gain his services. I think the Jets should look to upgrade right tackle, but that might not be possible. This move at the very least will either give the Jets a baseline of production at right tackle or a good pick to upgrade right tackle or another roster spot.

I'm kind of hoping some team has fallen in love with Howard, and the Jets can get a second rounder.