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Anquan Boldin Traded to San Francisco 49ers

Jim McIsaac

Anquan Boldin has been traded from the Ravens to the 49ers.

Anquan Boldin traded to 49ers for a sixth-round pick

That could be a hit to the idea of Darrelle Revis going to the 49ers. The Niners were right up against the cap before this move. Boldin currently carries a cap hit of $7.5 million. Perhaps that would be lowered if he was extended, but money in future years would be money that could not go for a Revis contract.

The 49ers could use the upgrade Revis would provide at cornerback, but instead of building on an already stout defense, they might decide to try and build a top flight offense around Colin Kaepernick. They have a top defense with or without Revis. If they can score consistently with the best teams in the league, they will become even more of a nightmare to face.

Of course, this is all speculation. It is probably going to be months before the Revis situation plays out fully.