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Nick Folk: Stay or Go?

Andy Lyons

Nick Folk has been the kicker for the Jets for three years. He beat out a challenge from Josh Brown in preseason to win his job. Folk will be an unrestricted free agent. Should he return for a fourth year?

The best thing you can say about Folk is that he hasn't cost the Jets any games. He also hit a clutch 50 yard field goal in 2011 against the Cowboys to win a game. If you want to throw in that chip shot from the 2010 Playoffs against the Colts, feel free, but that was a kick anybody should be able to make.

With this said, I do not understand why the Jets have not made a serious effort to find somebody better. In three years, Folk's field goal percentage has never been higher than 24th in the league. The Jets touchback rate on kickoffs has never been better than 24th either, and it has been 31st and 32nd in the league respectively the last two years.

The difference between a good kicker and a bad one is usually not evident, but surely the Jets can find some young kicker with a stronger and more accurate leg. Folk has made a few big kicks, but it's not like he's got a big pressure kick track record like Adam Vinateri.