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David Garrard Anticipates Putting a Deal Together With Jets

Sam Greenwood

Adam Schefter says David Garrard is expecting to be a Jet in 2013.

David Garrard "anticipates putting a deal together" with Jets once they can work through cap issues, per source. "Both sides are feeling good about a possible deal," said source.

I think it probably says it all that a 35 year old who has not played in a game since 2010 is one of the best free agent options for the Jets. That is where we are, however. If he is anything close to the player he used to be, Garrard should be able to beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job and be able to avoid that catastrophic turnover that has doomed the Jets so frequently the last few years.

I would still hope Garrard is not the only quarterback the Jets bring in. They surely do not need to save a space for Matt Simms, who is currently slated to get a camp spot. Simms' numbers in college were worse than Mark Sanchez's numbers in the NFL. If you are really bad in college, you aren't going to be good in the NFL. That spot should go to somebody who could conceivably be good.