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Buffalo Bills Put Franchise Tag on Jairus Byrd

Drew Hallowell

The Bills have put their franchise tag on safety Jairus Byrd.

A franchise tag means the Bills have extended a one-year qualifying offer to Byrd for a guaranteed $6.916 million salary, the average of the five highest-paid players at his position.

Since the Bills are an AFC East rival, this is notable.

Just as important, it takes one of the top safeties off the market, which impacts LaRon Landry's status. One less safety in free agency means Landry will become a more valued commodity. Some teams that were going to target Byrd might now go for Landry, driving up his price to something beyond what the Jets could afford or beyond anything that would be wise to spend for a player of Landry's caliber.

I get the feeling Landry was probably gone anyway, but this news makes it even less likely he will return to the Jets for the 2013 NFL season.