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Jets Flight Connections 03-01-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

Jim Rogash shares video of an interview with Terry Bradway. Apparently, he talks about more than just Manti Te'o. He spoke about other players also, as well as new Director of College Scouting Jeff Bauer.

NY Jets Cap: The 2013 Jets salary cap.

NY Jets Draft: Will the Jets be able to afford LaRon Landry?

Gary Myers: The Jets don't want to see Darrelle Revis join the Patriots. Troll, troll, troll your boat.

Deadspin: The Daily News is just trolling now.

Kimberley A. Martin: The Jets have signed former Oakland Raiders WR Thomas Mayo, as well as AFL DB Eric Crocker.

Eric Allen: Safety is a hot topic.

Denver Post: Desmond Trufant and Matt Elam are two draft hopefuls with family ties to the NFL. They are the brothers of Isaiah Trufant and Abram Elam, and there ain't nothing they can't love each other through.

Sports Illustrated: John Abraham has been cut by the Atlanta Falcons. Glad he was able to have a great career by keeping himself healthy with the Jets.

Baltimore Sun: Terrrell Suggs says that every NFL team hates the New England Patriots.

Twin Cities: Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo take their support of gay marriage to the Supreme Court.

Associated Press: Female kicker Lauren Silberman has a scant chance at making the NFL.

Pro Football Talk: Another look at and white wide receivers.

Pro Football Talk: Barret Robbins doesn't remember much about the Super Bowl.

Jets Insider uses "The Wire" to explain the Revis speculation.

This passive aggressive note is dedicated to Scott Salmon.

And now here is Journey with "Winds of March":

The Mickey Mouse march (NSFW language):

Just curious, what would we do, baby, without us?:

Sha la la la.