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Todd McShay & Mel Kiper Jr's Mock 2.0 Jets Selections

We take a look at who the 'experts' are predicting for the Jets.


Like them or hate them, the draft 'experts' at ESPN are highly influential this time of the year, there are some who take their word as gospel, there are some who disagree with them just to say they disagree with them. I personally think they are like any analyst who covers the draft closely, they hit on some and they miss on some. Some things they say you think are spot on, some things they say you think "What? How can they say that?".

They released their first mock draft some time in December and I never pay attention to that one, the draft order isn't set and I like to wait until after the main all star college games. However over the past 24/48 hours they have released their 2.0 mocks and here are the selections.

Todd McShay

New York Jets

Record: 6-10

Jarvis Jones*, OLB, Georgia


The content for these mocks is restricted to insider content, so I can't re-post it here for obvious reasons. However the logic that McShay used was based on their not being a QB worthy of this selection, and with the Jets set to cut Pace and Thomas being a free agent, they need to address the OLB position.

My Thoughts:

I love Jarvis Jones, yes he does need to work on his run defense, but his pass rush is absolutely elite and he is a menace. He has to be accounted for on every single snap, and not only does he make the tackle but he always looks to jar the ball loose. You can see this in his forced fumble numbers. He has excellent closing speed, exceptional instincts and some argue that he may be the best player in the entire draft. Now he does have a degenerative issue with his spinal cord, USC doctors told him to hang his cleats up, Georgia said it was OK. His stock will rely on the extensive medical research that teams will do on him. If the Jets doctors clear him to play then I'm all on board with this selection. He'll be an instant upgrade and I wouldn't bet against him having a stellar year in year one.

Mel Kiper Jr's

New York Jets

Record: 6-10

The content for these mocks is restricted to insider content, so I can't re-post it here for obvious reasons. However the logic that Kiper used is based on their being no value at #9 at the skill positions, he remarks that the Jets could trade down but if they stay put they have the inside presence with Coples and Mo and now they get the edge rusher.

My Thoughts:

Obviously I agree with this selection based on my mock draft earlier today. He has a lot of potential and his versatility to play either the 4-3 DE or the 3-4 OLB make him appealing. He has long arms, good speed, good instincts. Does need to refine his position and work on his run defense, but he has a nice swim move and a good spin move to go with it. Will need to add a little bulk, but I like him in the open field. He has good hips and can run and chase the plays down. He could become a 3 down player and we instantly get an upgrade at the pass rush position. For once I really wouldn't mind either of these selections.