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Demario Davis to Take Starting Role


Manish Mehta says the Jets are prepared to roll with Demario Davis starting next to David Harris next year.

DeMario Davis will be the Jets starting ILB alongside David Harris next season.

This was expected. Bart Scott is too expensive (and ineffective) to bring back. Davis really should have seen more playing time this year. On a team with a number of holes and little in the way of cap space to fill them, they are going to look to cheap internal options whenever possible.

The jury is still very much out on the 2012 third round pick. He had a spotty rookie year while seeing sporadic playing time. Many players see their biggest improvement between their first and second seasons. They got their sea legs after a long year. They have a grasp of the playbook. They have a long offseason to refine their game. For the Jets' sake, they need to hope Davis makes a pretty significant leap. Hoping somebody gets a lot better isn't a great spot to be in, but it is where the Jets are.