1) From my time as a highschool substitute teacher I had a simple rule: Don't be stupid. IE use common sense.... no politics, no "Excessive" swearing, and no cursing out other people. No Porno links. Email it if that's your thing. Simple right? Let's keep it that way.

2) The mods have ultimate authority. Both Smackdad and I are becoming mods. There will be no we didn't know or other excuses. If we say drop it, it doesn't matter, just let it go man, it's gone. Same goes for any other Mod/editor. If you don't know who we are look up the about and go to masthead. Arguing with us gets a ban. We have final say, because we need to keep this site clean and also because we like drama on TV not on GGN.

3) Posts joking at someone need to make sure they are within the rules. See my post about this in the TAN The Best a Man Can Get. We want you to understand that yes, joking is fine, but there is a line. Don't cross it. Don't insult anyone personally, don't insult other members, don't insult someone whose not around. Don't be the know it all. Most of all have fun, be friendly

4)Arguments are not what TAN is about, it's about friendly get to know everyone and conversation. As they say, try to see where a person viewpoint is. If you disagree, simply stating your case is ok, just don't result to insults.

5) Ripping on other people/ posters that are not TANNERS is frowned upon in this establishment! Don't point out someone hasn't been around, chances are there's a good reason. If you miss them, say that, maybe they read it, but don't say they haven't been around.

6) We will use warnings to say if a topic is borderline. Do not argue (rule #2). Again it's just us trying to keep the TAN from becoming extinct. We just want to avoid conflict, so understand that as the TAN moves on.

7) HAVE FUN! seriously, this goes without saying, enjoy the TAN, enjoy the internet friends you've met. Enjoy the fact you can rant about work, school, etc on GGN. Other sites don't have threads like this. ENJOY THE TAN!

8) If there is a problem email me at or Smackdad at I'll try to work something out so that we don't have issues. I promise you will remain anonymous. In the meantime, repeat rule 7.
There. Remember not to venture too deep into grey areas. In the meantime ENJOY THE TAN!

And now on TAN and a Music Video: The touch by Stan Bush:

ehh screw it.

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